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The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these centuries of peace, why would the Empire want to eradicate the magi from existence? Is it truly out of fear for the powers that magi can posses, or is it something far more sinister...? 


Eternal Twilight is an old-school styled fantasy RPG with a Turn-Based battle system. I have made much use of the plethora of amazing scripts that Yanfly has created for the MV system to bring a battle system that is familiar, yet original in its own right. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to designing a battle system and the types of skills a player has at their disposal. The battle system in Eternal Twilight features the following: 

  • Unique weapon/armor system, where enemy drops will "randomly select" a rarity for the item dropped, granting bonus stats to that item! Legendary Bronze Sword anyone? YES PLEASE!
  • Intelligent enemy AI that will keep the player on their toes. The AI will respond according to the player's actions to make sure "LOL-SPAM ATTACK" will lead to the players demise. 
  • Five unique character classes, each with a vastly different play style than the last! 
  • Skills come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Instant cast spells that don't consume the character's turns, to very powerful attacks, buffs, and heals that have cooldowns, making sure the player strategically chooses when to use certain abilities. 
  • This and much more!


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Teaser Trailer for Eternal Twilight v1.1.0: Into the Seraph Dungeon.

Are you using rpgmaker  mv version 1.5.2 or 1.6? Because a lot of plugins especially SRD plugins are broken on the recent update so I have to revert back to 1.5.2.


Good job! I do not know how much you've done in relation to the battle system script (I'm not up to date on commercial/free scripts for MV), but I love how it works, it reminds me FFX so congrats! Another point to highlight is the dialog among characters, I see you spent quite a lot of time designing the behaviour of each main character and you expressed it really well on them, this makes this kind of games valuable. Regarding the game art, I missed a better design of the different maps. I mean in terms of graphics, I know its laborious, but taking into account the characters designs, some of the bosses... It would be very nice a different view of the typical RPG Maker towns, forests... dungeons.. 

Well, I hope the comment is worth it and helpful for you!

Thank you so much for the feedback and praise! ^_^ I actually used the Yanfly's STB plugin for the battle system, with a mix of Moghunters Battle Hud and SRD's Hudmaker plugins for the UI. I'm glad you like the personalities of party members. I really tried to make them each stand out and feel like a real and different person. As for the graphics, yeah, RTP (the default rpg maker assets) are a bit of a drawback, but I had already spent over $200 on custom scripts and other resources, and I wasn't going to spend more money than that since the game is free. :)


I really love this game, it is fantastically well done and well polished. For a more detailed review, watch my video! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t9LPyLPF9ss